Approximate weight
Banana Loaf340g£3.10
Cherry Loaf640g£4:60
Fruit Loaf475g£3.10
Toffee Loaf400g£3.50
Ginger Loaf350g£3.10
Chocolate & Beetroot Loaf450g£4:60
Lemon Cake (6.5in Sqr)730g£7.50
parts from£2.00
Lime Cake (6.5in Sqr)730g£7.50
parts from£2.00
Orange Cake (6.5in Sqr)730g£7.50
parts from£2.00
Lemon/Lime Cake (6.5in Sqr)730g£7.50
Parts from£2.00
Orange lemon lime Cake(6.5in Sqr)730g£7.50
parts from£2.00
Carrot Cake With/out topping1080/920g£8.80/£6.20
Parts from£1:70
Sponge (*2 No Filling)420g£3.20
Strawberry Sponge£9.50
Sticky Toffee Pudding175g£2.30
Raisin Shortbread (pie size)each£0.55
Shortbreadpkt7 145g£2..00
White Bread Large560g£3.30
Aberdeen ButteriesPkt 6£2.50
Pizza Baseeach£1.30
Pizza Tom/Cheeseeach£3.00
Quiche Case (6.5 inch)each£1.30
Quiche Cheese & tomatoeach£2.80
Rich Fruit Cake (marzipan/icing)2.1kg£19.00
Rich Fruit Cake (uniced)1.6kg£13.00
Rich Fruit Cake Slab800g£7.00
All Products may contain traces of nuts, soya, eggs and milk.
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Created By Alan Bruce